Tucker McGee back in court

An Oklahoma man accused in the death of a Weatherford teenager will be in court Monday. The formal arraignment for Tucker McGee is scheduled to begin at 1:30p.m. Monday afternoon. McGee will stand trial in the 2012 murder of JaRay Wilson. She was found in a shallow grave back in December of last year in Weatherford. McGee was arrested shortly after.During a preliminary hearing last month, a teenager testified that he was with McGee, when they took JaRay to a field outside of Weatherford. The young man said McGee initially joked about shooting JaRay and had a 22-semi automatic pistol with him. The teenager said as he was leaving to go get more drugs, he saw McGee pull out his gun, point it near JaRay's head and pull the trigger. He said she never saw it coming. The teenager testified JaRay talked about being scared she was going to be sold into prostitution to cover someone else's drug debt. The young man said he helped McGee move JaRay's body behind a tall tree and came back the next day to help him bury her in a shallow grave. The 17-year-old will receive a plea deal in exchange for his cooperation. He led authorities to the body last December. Caleb McLemore is also facing charges in connection with JaRay's death.