Truckers to converge in Washington to protest Congress

Angry truck drivers plan a three-day slowdown on the D.C. Beltway in an effort to "restore our Constitutional Republic".

The truckers say they're upset by the government shutdown, the deb debt ceiling, fuel prices, regulations, President Obama and "the corruption that is destroying America."

As part of a 'gas roots' campaign, they'll convoy to D.C., then slowdown traffic on I-495 for three days beginning Friday.

There's a twitter hashtag, #T2SDA, has more than three-thousand followers. The group has set up a Twitter account (@T2SDA - for Truckers to Shut Down America) and will be using an identical hashtag (#T2SDA) for ongoing conversations about the rally.

It remains unclear how many truckers plan to participate in the rally, but some organizers are expecting 'thousands'.

It is also unknown whether the sheer volume of truckers will slow traffic, if they plan to actually halt traffic or if they plan to just honk at a specific time.

(Some information from USA Today)