Helicopter heading to Veterans Day parade falls onto Tulsa interstate

The transporting a Vietnam-era Huey flipped. The helicopter then hit a sign on the Tulsa interstate.

Emergency crews in Tulsa are working to clean up an unusual accident on I244 in Tulsa: a helicopter flown in Vietnam has flipped off a truck.

The restored Vietnam-era Huey was heading to the Veterans Day Parade in Tulsa on the bed of a truck on the interstate. When the driver started navigating a turn, the vehicle overturned.

The restored helicopter was scheduled to be part of the parade in Tulsa and then go to a museum.

KTUL in Tulsa is reporting a cable holding the aircraft came loose and wind caught the rotor and caused it to snag on an overhead sign.

Officials in Tulsa say the helicopter is expected to be in the roadway for several hours as they work to clean up the mess.

The helicopter, The Velvet Underground, was flown in Vietnam.

The eastbound lanes of the interstate at the I244/US 75 split is closed.

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