Trio of roommates find $41,000 in couch

Three roommates in New York found a secret stash hidden in their used couch.The friends bought the couch at a Salvation Army. When they unzipped the pillows they found more than $40,000 in cash. "Just like freaking out like an inch and a half of hundred dollar bills," Reese Werkhoven said.They pulled it all out, $41,000, snapped a few pictures with the cash and got pretty excited with their new fortunes."Our neighbors thought we won the lottery or something 'cause we were just screaming," Cally Guasti said.Then they found something else that put an end to their excitement. An envelope with a woman's name on it.So they tracked her down, called her, and returned the cash. The elderly woman told them she'd been stashing the money for years and family members mistakenly donated it. A a reward she gave them $1,000.
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