Training tragedy: city denies cadet's widow benefits

Kelley Chase and Elke Meeus on their wedding day. Kelley died more than a year ago and Elke thought his insurance policy with the city would take care of her. It hasn't.

The last decision Elke Meeus ever made with her husband, Kelley Chase, was the decision to get the maximum life insurance possible from the city. But one year later, Oklahoma City still hasn't paid.

Kelley was a retired Air Force officer with a passion to serve. He signed up to become an Oklahoma City Police Officer and he and his wife decided on their life insurance policy. But important paperwork never showed up.

A short time later, Kelley died in training.

One year later, his widow tells FOX 25's Phil Cross the city isn't following up on the promise it made to him.

"We never asked for more, we just want what we had a right to, what we chose we made those choices back in may and I just feel no one is listening to us, they've left us out in the cold."

Why it took a FOX 25 investigation to get the city to take action one year later, Sunday on the Primetime News at Nine!