Tornado victims become football fans at first home game


The community of Moore is ready for some football! The Southmoore Sabercats are taking on Carl Albert. Students and fans say it brings back some sort of normalcy. As soon as the Sabercats kicked off, they were no longer tornado victims, but just some kids playing ball.

"We lost all our windows and doors, and our roof is gone," says Henry Delacruz, a trumpet player in the Southmoore High School band.

For Southmoore students, this isn't just the start of a new school year, many are rebuilding and starting over at home, too. "I've been living in Norman, which is about 30-miles away from here," says Anthony Smith, a saxophone player in the Southmoore High School band.

"We were living with my grandma- 17 people in a four-bedroom house," explains Delacruz.

"Our kids are really excited to get to come back to school," says Ladawna Hunter, Assistant Pom Sponsor for Southmoore High.

But, most of all the students were excited for football season. "Football's always such a big tradition here at Southmoore," says Hunter. But, this year, it means even more. Students say it gives them something else to focus on.

"That's basically what everybody talks about. That's all it is: tornado, where were you during the tornado?, what happened during the tornado?" says Delacruz.

"We can just come together tonight and kind of forget about it," says Brianna Haley, a member of the Southmoore Pom Squad.

From the game itself, to the halftime entertainment, everyone has their part. "Music is a way for everyone to release and get away from something," says Smith, referring to the high school band.

"We all came together and no matter what, everyone was there for each other," says Delacruz.

They say it took a little extra preparation to get here.... "A lot of people actually have damaged instruments. We had to buy a lot of new ones ourselves," says Delacruz. But, they're here! And, they're ready for some football! "We didn't let it keep us down. We got back up and kept going," says Delacruz.

"We want people to take away that we're back. Southmoore is back, and we're ready for the season. We just want to bring some community and school spirit back to the Moore area," says Hunter.