Sinclair Relief Fund Delivers $220,000 For Relief During Tornado Town Hall

Almost two months since the devastating tornadoes, the people of Oklahoma continue to clean up and pick up their lives. As part of the ongoing process, KOKH's parent company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, organized a town hall to help answer questions from those affected.

The storms Oklahoma hit with a force most had never experienced before. And they Oklahomans where it hurt the most: their children's schools.

"You can't even describe what you saw."

Felicia Wade survived the tornadoes but will never forget what the saw on May 20.

"You saw little kids covered in blood. You saw kids screaming for their moms and dads."

As the tornado raced out of town, the help pulled in and is still there. Now, it's up to residents and leaders to rebuild and restore.

Moore Mayor Glenn Lewis wants to make sure his residents know the city will always support them.

"We're here for you if you need the city's help. We want to make sure everybody's getting treated the way the need to be and make sure they get back in their houses as quickly as possible."

During the Tornado Relief Town Hall Meeting Thursday, all that help was finally in one place and there was some advice from the panel.

"Get everything in writing. Get everything in writing," First Assistant Attorney General Tom Bates emphasized that point. "And do not ever pay up front."

Sarah Wishon, another tornado survivor, said she was grateful for the chance to come together and had some very specific questions for the panel.

"It was good. It was rough. It was very emotional, rough," Wishon told FOX 25's Christine VanTimmeren "A chance for residents to personally ask those in charge of insurance, schools, and FEMA How to move on, I was very, very excited and he gave me his card and he's going to look into it because my questions were a little more specific."

Thursday's Town Hall was also a chance for KOKH FOX 25 and Sinclair Broadcast Group to give back. Thanks to the generous donations of our viewers, we donated over $220,000 to Oklahoma Charities. The money was raised during a fundraiser that included a match of $50,000 by Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Steve Marks, Sinclair's Chief Operating Officer, said the town hall was all about delivering a service to the community.

"What this is really about, at the end of the day, is servicing our community. That's what we do all across the country."

A check for more than 44-thousand dollars was given to each of these groups: Feed the Children, Shelter Oklahoma Schools, The Salvation Army of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City Community Foundation, and Tulsa Community Foundation.

That money will stay in Oklahoma and will ultimately go back into the hands of the victims working to put their lives and their homes back together.