'Tornado Dog' Accidentally Euthanized at OKC Shelter

An Oklahoma City woman says a dog she found after the May 31st tornado was euthanized at the Oklahoma City Animal shelter earlier this month. "The only reason I took her there, was because I was hoping that her owners would find her," Sarah Sheets said.

(Check out our update with the dog's original owners)

Sheets first saw the dog just a day after the tornado touched down less than 1/2 a mile from her home, she and neighbors kept the dog overnight, "She was so sweet, I didn't even have to have a leash on her, she would just follow you," Sheets said.

She describes the dog as about 40 pounds and a dark colored mix, "I called her Stormy," Sheets said. She found the dog off Woodward avenue in the Linwood Place neighborhood off I-44. "I brought her in Tuesday, and I think she was euthanized Saturday," Sheets added.

At the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter a representative told Fox 25 news that an intake representative failed to label Stormy as a storm dog, and she was euthanized in the normal amount of time, instead of the 30 days promised by the shelter. They call it an unfortunate mistake and have dealt with the worker who made the error. The shelter is also incredibly full, they have more than 800 animals right now, normally they have about 500.

"I had explained to her (the worker) that she had a place to go, and she was a storm dog," Sarah Sheets added, "This is not a mistake, I don't even know what this is." Sheets wants the policy changed at the shelter, so that those who surrender animals have the option of a phone call, before an animal is killed, " I want the policy changed," Sheets added, "It breaks my heart that I was responsible for her death."

The Oklahoma City animal shelter has hundreds of animals both normally and those displaced from the tornado, all those dogs and cats are now available for adoption.