Toddler found walking outside alone, police questioning uncle

(FOX 23) - Police say a toddler found walking alone in north Tulsa could have gotten out of the house she was in through a screen.

Police said the toddler was at her uncle's home, but he told police he told the toddler's mother not to leave her there.

He said he went outside to smoke and came in and saw the toddler was still there. Police now think the toddler got out after being put to bed, while he was asleep.

Around 11 p.m. on Monday night, the toddler was found alone wandering down the street near the 600 block of E. 55th Place North.

Two neighbors found her, bathed her, and gave her something to eat.

"She was very wet and dirty and so we took her inside and I changed her diaper and cleaned her up a bit, and we snapped a picture on my cell phone and walked the area and where asking people if they knew this child," said one of the neighbors.

They also went door to door trying to find her parents, they called police when they couldn't find her parents.

Officers took the toddler to a local shelter. Around 7:30 this morning, the baby's mother called police and said it was her daughter they found.

She told officers she had dropped the child off at a baby sitter's home and didn't know she was missing until she saw her picture on the news.

Child crisis detectives, along with Tulsa police officers are questioning the uncle and his girlfriend about what happened.

The toddler is at the shelter until it gets straightened out.