Timeline from the "failed" execution of Clayton Lockett

Oklahoma death row inmate Clayton Lockett died of a massive heart attack following a "vein failure" during an execution Tuesday. The following is a timeline of events during the execution from FOX 25's Chelsea Washington. Washington was a witness during the execution. 6:23 P.M. - Execution of Clayton Lockett begins. Lockett is covered in a white sheet and laying on a gurney. Lethal cocktail is administered. 6:30 P.M. - Lockett declared still conscious by the four officials in the room. 6:33 P.M. - Lockett is declared unconscious by officials. 6:39 P.M. - Lockett's body begins convulsing and shaking. Officials close the viewing curtain. 6:49 P.M. - Department of Corrections Director Robert Patton enters the viewing area and informs witnesses that due to "vein failure" the execution has been stopped. Media is then escorted out of the viewing area. 7:15 P.M. - Prison officials inform media that Lockett was pronounced dead from a massive heart attack at 7:06 P.M. Patton announces that Charles Warners execution, which was scheduled for 8 P.M., will be stayed for 14 days.