Time Magazine names Norman most affordable for raising kids

If you're raising kids in Norman you're making a wise financial decision. According to Time Magazine, Norman is the #1 least expensive city in the country to raise a child.Time Magazine says it costs about $200,000 to raise a child in Norman from birth to age 18. In comparison, in New York City it costs about $540,000."I believe it," said one Norman mom. "I honestly don't think I could have raised my kid anywhere else being a single parent."Many who live in Norman say it doesn't surprise them the city is so cost effective when it comes to raising kids. In fact, that's why many move here."I would agree with that. We moved out here from San Diego about six years ago because of the low cost of living."Norman Chamber of Commerce President John Woods says the Time's article just confirms what people in Norman already know. He says it's not only about the cost of raising kids, but about the quality of life for kids."So we've got quantity of businesses that are competing for things like child care, competing for things like the dollars you spend at the grocery store," Woods said."Grocery shopping, food is less expensive. Public schools are better so we don't have to send them to private schools for their education," a mother said.Also this week, named Norman one of the best cities for home buyers. Woods says the two rankings go hand in hand."What does it cost to raise a child? Part of that is what does it cost to get into a house, and what kind of house can you get into," said Woods.It's a winning combination for Normanites who say they made the right choice."I did. I really did, yes. I don't think I could have done any better anywhere else."According to a recent US Department of Agriculture report, housing is the largest expense on a child followed by food.