'Time' cover calls NJ Governor Christie 'elephant in the room'

Time is coming under fire for this cover of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie because of the words "The Elephant in the Room"

Time Magazine is generating buzz for it's cover once again, this time because of wording it used to describe a possible candidate for president.

Featuring a picture of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the words "The Elephant in the Room". The issue hits newsstands Friday complete with stories that feature an inside look at Christie's impact on the GOP, whose mascot is an elephant by the way, and what his landslide re-election in the Garden State means if he decides to run for president in 2016.

The cover is getting massive backlash on social media and conservative talk radio with critics saying it's a knock on the governor's weight.

Greta Van Susteren tweeted "Elephant, really? you know there was chuckling in the newsroom."

Karen Tumulty, who was a Time political reporter and is now at The Washington Post, said the headline is "lazy, stupid" on twitter.

Time Magazine is no stranger to controversial covers. Earlier this year, it came under fire for the placement of the M on Time when talking about the Pope.

Christie's weight has been a question over his political career for years. Earlier in the year, he had lap-band surgery to cut out some of the weight. Earlier this week, he told CNN that he's more than halfway to his weight-loss goal.