Thunder fan hits half-court shot, gives portion to scholarship

Justin Dougherty made headlines earlier this year when he sunk a half court shot and then got the ultimate thrill: a hug and tackle from Thunder star Kevin Durant.

After he hit the $20,000 shot, the Springdale, Mo. native told the Thunder he would probably use the cash to pay off his car and "then maybe a surprise for the girlfriend."

But on Tuesday, the Springfield News-Leader reported that he found a third way to use his money.

Paul K. Logsdon, the director of public relations at Evangel University, Dougherty's alma mater, wrote the article that is a first-person account from that day:

Last week, Justin showed up in my office. He had a check in hand and said he wanted to give a one-time scholarship to an Evangel student. He sat down and told me, "When I was a student, I received a scholarship. It meant so much -- it encouraged me and made me feel like someone had noticed me and cared about my future."

I started to tell him how I understood and how my father had established an Evangel scholarship after the death of my mother 15 years ago. All of my siblings and I add to it, and Evangel is able to award several scholarships out of the proceeds.

He stopped me and said, "It was your scholarship that I received."

And then I remembered. He had come in personally to thank me, and sat in my office three years ago, just as he did now, to tell me what it meant.

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