Thunder Center Perkins faces assault charges in Texas

Kendrick Perkins was arrested and charged with assault after he was reportedly involved in a fight outside a nightclub in Texas.

Just a few days before the NBA season officially tips off, the center for the Oklahoma City Thunder has been charged with assault.

Kendrick Perkins was arrested in Houston in July after he was reportedly involved in a scuffle outside of a nightclub.

The female victim told police the incident happened July 20 when she and her brother were at the Nox Nightclub in Houston. According to the victim, they were backing out of their parking spot when they backed into another vehicle.

A woman climbed out of the second car and pulled her back into a ponytail and started taking off her jewelry, as if she was preparing for a fight. That's when a second person climbed out of the car and pushed the victim. That person was identified as Quincy Alpough.

The victim's brother got out of the car and asked if she was okay when they say Perkins got involved. They say he ran around the vehicle and hit her brother in the head with his fist. The female victim began hitting him in the head when she said he hit her in the face with a closed fist.

A second female victim said Alpough then hit her in the throat with his elbow and knocked her unconscious. At that point, the victims say a larger group of people gather and began stomping and kicking, including Perkins.

Perkins was charged with misdemeanor assault and was released on bail.