Thousands of names removed from sex offender registry

Oklahoma's sex offender registry is shorter now that thousands of names are now off the list.Brad Crawford's name is among the thousands. His crime: looking over a tanning bed wall at a 15-year-old girl. He was convicted of a sex crime and now must register, something he says is good----for criminals whose acts deserve it."For some sex offenders I will say yes, because there are some heinous people out there that really commit some bad crimes," Crawford said.Lawmakers passed a law extending thousands of sex offenders registry periods. In some cases, those convicted of non-physical crimes like Crawford, saw their punishment go from registering for 10 years to life."You can't pass laws today and apply them to people from yesterday," attorney David Slane said.Slane says the law unfairly adds punishment without due process.The state supreme court agreed, striking down the law, allowing thousands of names to come off the registry.Slane says the intention is good, the execution is not."We're now loosening up resources that we used to have to track these people, and spend it on people we really need to watch closely," Slane said.Slane says serious offenders remain locked up. Those who commit minor crimes, but repeatedly, will also stay in jail, likely faced with the requirement of staying on the list permanently.
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