Those suffering from severe depression can find help in the Metro

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In light of the death of actor and comedian Robin Williams, there are options for those here in Oklahoma struggling with severe depression or thoughts of suicide.Experts say it's often getting your loved one to accept the help that's given that's the most difficult part."Suicide is a very, very, very strong compulsion. Very strong human dynamic," said Life Coach Kimberly Feronti-Dickinson M.Ed. "We can do everything we can possibly do and sometimes suicide still occurs."Feronti-Dickinson says suicide is such a deep, personal thing. Even those who have every reason to feel happy and have everything to live for can drown in their own sadness."Very good people who've done wonderful things still have that feeling so desperately that they actually take their own lives," she said.The key is for caregivers, friends and family to look for the signs:-Abrupt changes in daily patterns-Withdrawing from social interaction-Feelings of unhappiness-Changes in eating or sleepingFeronti-Dickinson says if you see the signs, get the person help immediately. She says surround them with a network of people who check in every day."You stick with that person. In other words, set up a bunch of follow through with people who are checking in on that person, caring about that person, keeping in touch with that person," Feronti-Dickinson says she calls that a care network.Oklahoma has a 24/7 hotline called the HeartLine. If you have a landline the number is 211. If you have a cell phone you can call 405-848-CARE.To see more Oklahoma Suicide hotlines click here.

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