Third person connected to murder of JaRay Wilson now facing felony charges

The teenager who says he witnessed the murder of JaRay Wilson and helped bury her body in a shallow grave north of Weatherford is formally facing adult charges. Prosecutors filed one felony county of accessory after the fact against Cody Godfrey Monday morning in the Custer County courthouse in Arapaho.

Shortly after being charged as an adult, Godfrey was escorted through a back door of the Custer County courthouse where he was arraigned on the felony charge. He entered a not guilty plea.

"I don't even know how to tell you everything you feel," said Jara Wilson, JaRay's mother, "Disgusting to hear him say not guiltybecause we know that he is, he's admitted that he isand then but he says he's not, so it's tough to listen to."

Court documents filed against Godfrey mirror what he testified to during a preliminary hearing for Tucker McGee who is facing a first-degree murder charge in connection to the case. Godfrey previously admitted in court he lied to investigators for 14 months about what happened to JaRay.

Godfrey remains free on bond and another judge removed his curfew restrictions. JaRay's father doesn't believe it is right he's allowed to walk free, but says it is probably best he is not locked up with the other two young men accused in JaRay's murder case. Still just being able to know he's facing adult charges provides some relief. "I can name all three of them and I don't have to say the minor or the, it's Cody Godfrey, he helped and he's getting away with it," Rodney Wilson said.

Godfrey earlier testified he picked up McGee the day JaRay was murdered. He told a judge that McGee had a gun and mentioned killing JaRay. Godfrey said he thought it was a joke at first. Godfrey testified he and McGee took JaRay to an area north of Weatherford where they smoked "K2," a synthetic marijuana product.

Court documents filed Monday say Godfrey witnessed McGee shoot JaRay and then he helped conceal her body. The documents say Godfrey and McGee were giving a ride back to the scene the next day by Caleb McLemore. McLemore is also facing charges in connection to the murder. Godfrey admitted during a previous court hearing that he helped McGee bury the body.

It wasn't until December, 2013 that Godfrey admitted his role in the crime and helped investigators locate JaRay's remains.

Godfrey waived his right to a preliminary hearing. His trial is scheduled for February 2015.

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