Thieves steal wheels off cars in Moore

Moore police are investigating a string of vehicle wheel thefts. Investigators say the tires were stolen off four cars Tuesday night. The suspects still haven't been identified."I just had new tires, and the rims aren't new but they're custom," said theft victim Keith Hobbs. "I've been here almost twelve years and I've never had anything like this happen."Hobbs woke up to police at his door on Wednesday telling him he was the victim of a robbery, and so were three of his neighbors. Moore Police say sometime Tuesday night thieves stole the tires off of four vehicles and left them perched on top of landscaping blocks. All of the vehicles were either parked in the road or the driveway."They were all stock wheels. None of them were aftermarket wheels," said Moore Police spokesman Sgt. Jeremy Lewis. "I believe there were three trucks and one escalade."Hobbs says the thieves took the tires and rims and threw the lug nuts on the grass. He said police picked those up for fingerprints.Police don't have descriptions of the suspects, but one neighbor thinks he has surveillance video of the thieves. The video from an outside camera shows two people walking across front lawns and grabbing, what neighbors believe to be, landscaping blocks from around a tree."Hopefully they can enhance that video and maybe they can get those guys off the street," Hobbs said.Moore Police think this has to be the work of multiple people, but they're amazed the suspects were able to do this without being caught."I'm not sure how they're doing it, to be quiet and get it done that quick," said Sgt. Lewis. "Obviously whatever they're doing worked last night."Three of the thefts happened on Lonnie Lane and the fourth down the road on SW 23rd. If you have any information about the suspects give Moore Police a call.