Thieves make off with large copper heist

Sliced traffic signal and light pole wires near I-40 service road and Agnew were first discovered by Oklahoma City Police around 3 o'clock on Saturday morning. "Not only were the streets blacked out because of the lack of lights, but the intersection was not functioning as well making this a very hazardous situation," said Captain Dexter Nelson. It was the same crime but a different scene on Sunday morning. This time the light poles along Crosstown Boulevard, making this the largest public utilities copper heist police have ever seen. "We have no idea how long it took them, but it's apparent that they hit every single pole as opposed to ripping it from the ground and pulling it out that way," said Nelson. Nelson says this doesn't appear to be the work of an amateur. "We would say this is someone who probably has some knowledge of wiring that's probably done this before," said Nelson. This style of cooper theft also creates a serious safety hazard. "After you cut the wiring you leave a live wire sticking out of the ground that's accessible to anyone that might come upon it and touch it," said Nelson. Between the two locations Nelson says a five mile area was hit. Dozens of light poles and a total of two traffic lights. The crimes also have glaring similarities, but right now police are still trying to work on gathering vehicle and suspect descriptions. "The two areas we believe were hit by the same individuals," said Nelson. And unfortunately Nelson says taxpayers will have to the foot the bill for repairs. "The value is approximately $2.60 cents $2.80 cents it fluctuates per pound but it's going to cost the city well over that to fix the wiring in these poles,"said Nelson. If you any information that help police please call Crimestoppers at 235-7300.
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