Nerves high as women audition for the Thunder Girls

Sure the suntan tights, glitter, and lipstick add the glamour but an Oklahoma City Thunder Girl holds the spirit of the team in her heart. Tiara made the team last year, but you have to go through the audition process to secure your spot every year."I think the second time around you get more nervous because you want your spot back so bad," said Tiara.So, at 9 a.m. Saturday morning Tiara hit the gym floor with about 70 other girls to start round one of auditions."It's really surpassed my expectations the level of talent and type of girl that now shows up for try outs," said Coach Paige CarterThe final squad won't be selected until this Thursday, but until then Coach Carter says it's a weeding out process to find the whole package and not just a pretty face. "[We are looking for] A good hearted person and articulate and excited about being in Oklahoma and representing the Thunder because they touch so many people in the community," said Coach Carter.The jazz and hip hop routines will be followed by interviews later in the week, a boot camp, and a written test before Thursday's showcase."I know what they are going through, some pep talks I have been giving them is just go out there take a deep breath and leave it all out on the court, " said Jada. Jada has decided to retire after six seasons of being a Thunder Girl, which includes 200 appearances each season, she said the team is like a sisterhood and it's time for someone else to experience it."To be one of those 18 to 20 girls to be apart of that is very special," said Jada. It's a feeling Jasmine hopes will be hers Thursday night.She's been on a the dance team for the Portland Trail Blazers for the past two years but now feels like Oklahoma is where she'd like to put down roots."Signs in the store are all saying Thunder up and you really get a sense that's it a big thing here and it would be nice to be apart of something so amazing," said Jasmine. If you'd like to view the final round of auditions then head over to Riverwind Casino in Norman at 7 pm this Thursday. Admission is free.
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