The Brave Librarian reads to alligator, kisses a frog to encourage reading

Susan Scatena reads to an alligator

This is the story of the Brave Librarian. When Susan Scatena challenged students in New York to hit the books, she promised to deliver.

In the late spring, Scatena promised 300 neighborhood kids that if they finished 4,000 books over the summer, she would read a book to an alligator. This week, she paid up.

The six-foot gator named "Wally" arrived at the Whitestone Branch in New York earlier this week for story time. The gator was held by a reptile trainer as she read her book with hundreds of students looking on.

"I'm not your typical librarian who wears a bun," Scatena told Yahoo Shine. "I want kids to think of the library as cool."

And she's been at this for a few years. Click through our slideshow to see her attempts at getting kids to open the books.