Texas public school teacher resigns over standardized testing on Facebook

AMARILLO, TEXAS (KVII) -- Former Amarillo Independent School District employee KayDonna Wolfcale said she won't be silenced on the topic of standardized testing.

"I've been speaking out against the testing system for a long time," Wolfcale said. "Everybody says 'You go girl. You're awesome. Keep it up,' but I'm the only one going and our kids are being hurt every day."

It all started Thursday when Wolfcale posted nearly 10 comments on Facebook from different students complaining about standardize testing. She didn't identify any student, and said most are from her three children.

The next day, her school principal approached her and asked her to remove the post because it violated school district policy. That's when Wolfcale determined she had enough.

"I finally came to a point in the conversation and I said I'm going to resign from my position effective immediately because I'm not going to be silenced about this issue."

Marty Rowley serves on the Texas Board of Education, and he said although the state has decreased the number of standardized testing in its schools, it's still one of the only ways to monitor students' year-to-year progress.

Texas adopted the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) nearly two years ago. He said for the 2012-2013 school year 87 percent of students passed the STAAR exam after their second attempt. According to Rowley, students have three chances to pass the exam before they are required to repeat the same grade.

"One of the problems with standardized tests is that they drive a lot of what we teach in the classroom," Rowley said. "That's a concern that I have and that I think other folks involved in education have as well."