Texas police officer shot twice, continues to chase suspects

After Texas Police officer Ann Carrizales was shot in the face after but continued to chase suspect.

As a Texas police officer pulled over a vehicle, a passenger pulled out a gun and shot her twice. But that was only just the beginning.

Stafford, Texas Police officer Ann Carrizales made a routine traffic stop Saturday morning around 4:00. As she walked up to the car, the passenger suddenly grabs a gun and shoots her twice: one hit her vest and the other bullet hit her in the face.

The officer fired back but the driver of the vehicle hits the gas and speeds off from the scene.

With a gunshot wound to the face and in serious pain, she climbs back into her cruiser and goes on a seven minute-long high-speed chase of a car full of three suspects.

Carrizales, a former Marine, says it was instinctual.

"I was born to be a protector, I always have been a protector."

The chase finally ended near Houston when the three men in the car ran into an apartment building.

21-year-old Sergio Rodrigues is the alleged shooter and was arrested. But police were unable to catch the other two men: 28-year-old Freddy Henriquez, a suspected gang member, and a man who goes by the name Daniel Cruz.

As the officer got out of her cruiser, fellow officers rushed to her aid. If you watch the video above, you can actually see where the bullet went straight through her cheek.
She was rushed to the hospital and then sent home to recover with her family.

Believe it or not, just five days later, Carrizales was well enough to take her children trick-or-treating on Halloween.