Texas man arrested for stealing $80,000 from Brinks

Jason Chance, arrested for embezzlement of $80,000 from Brinks

A man wanted for stealing almost $100,000 from a Brinks armored truck was arrested in Perry.

38-year-old Jason Chance was arrested in Perry Monday after taking off with $80,000 from Brinks.

Officials in the Lone Star State say Chance was working for the company in Texas when he stole the cash. The FBI called Perry Police and alerted them that Chance was traveling north on I-35 driving a truck full of hay and was armed and wanted for embezzlement.

Police in Perry waited about three hours before they spotted a man who matched the description. He was arrested and booked into the Noble County Jail.

The FBI took custody of him shortly after the arrest and then handed him over to U.S. Marshals.