Texas funeral home closes, leaving 8 bodies including a baby behind

Texas police made a morbid discovery at a funeral home in Fort Worth. The landlord said when the business owners moved out, they left eight bodies, including a baby, behind.The landlord of the building where Johnson Family Mortuary was located said when the business owners moved out, they left the bodies behind. One of the owners says they did not neglect the bodies and they did not leave them behind on purpose. Breanda Thomas couldn't believe what happened. She'd used the same funeral home twice; once for her brother and once for her late husband."Yes I come by here everyday, they're like family. I pass by, wave at them. It's a shock to me," Thomas said. Staffers at the Texas Medical Examiner's Office removed seven bodies from the mortuary on Tuesday. A 911 call from the owner of the building claimed theoperatorss were told to vacate two weeks ago. On Tuesday, he showed up to confirm they had moved out, that's when he made the discovery.Twin brothers Dondre and Derrick Johnson own the mortuary and are part of a cable television reality show about their funeral business.Detectives questioned Dondre at the scene. He spoke with KTVT and disputes the claims that the bodies were left for days."Our landlord was trying to put us out the funeral home, he discovered a body was inside the funeral home, he called police, one thing led to another. This is a funeral home, this is where they belong, so when you come in there, you're going to see dead bodies," Dondre said.Police are still investigating.
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