Tennessee toddler's eyes burned by laundry pods, family has warning

A family in Tennessee wants to warn parents everywhere about laundry detergent "pods" after their young son played with one and it accidentally burst and shot chemicals into his eyes.Two-year-old Easton Hatfield climbed on top of a washing machine in Whitwell, Tennessee, and got his hands on the colorful pods, Fox 25 affiliate WTVC reports. He started with them when suddenly they burst, and some of the chemicals inside went into his eyes. Mobile users, click here if the video does not load.Doctors say he sustained an 80% chemical burn to both eyes. Easton now has trouble opening his eyes without feeling pain.Right now, doctors are not certain that Easton will regain his full vision. He has regained 40% of his vision, and will return to the doctor next week.Easton's mother, Tabby, wants parents to be aware of the pods because they look like candy, and are enticing to a child who doesn't know their danger.Tabby explained that she took her eyes off of Easton for just a brief moment. She says it's important for parents to not only be aware of where their kids are at all times, but also to keep hazardous materials like those detergent pods away from their little hands.Easton also says she was completely unaware of the dangers posed by the chemicals in the pods, and would not have bought them if she did.This is not the first time there has been an accident involving detergent pods and a child. Back in August of 2013, a Florida infant died after he ate one of the pods. Click here for more from WTVC.