Tennessee student says she was suspended for saying "bless you"

A high school student in Tennessee says she found herself on suspension after breaking a class rule by saying "bless you" when another student sneezed.Dyer County High School senior Kendra Turner said her teacher told her that was for church. She feels her teacher has a problem with her religion.She was sent to the main office and then placed in in-school suspension for the rest of that class period.Her pastor says they had just talked recently about standing up for their faith last week. "There were several students that were talking about this particular faculty member there that was very demeaning to them in regards to their faith," said Becky Winegardner.A student provided WMC-TV in Memphis with a list of words the student claims the teacher does not allow in the classroom. "Bless you" is on the list.The school district hasn't released a statement on the incident.But Turner's parents say school leaders claimed the outburst was a classroom distraction, and that Turner shouted it from across the room.