Teen sues parents to pay for the college of her choice

A New Jersey high school honor student and cheerleader is suing her own parents and the case heads to court today.

The teen claims they threw her out and are now making her foot the bill for college.

Her dad, Sean Canning, says it's not true. "We're being sued by our own child ... I am dumb founded .. So is my wife and our other daughters."

In court papers, his daughter, Rachel, alleges her parents abandoned her when she turned 18 and are now refusing to pay for her to go to college.

Her father claims she ran away in November because she didn't want to follow house rules. He says, "Living in our house there ... It is very few rules ... There are minor chores ... Curfews ... When I say curfew it is after 11 o'clock at night."

Rachel is staying with her best friend's family. Attorney John Inglesino is funding the lawsuit. He says it's the only way the bright and focused teen will be able to go to a college appropriate for her to become a bio-medical engineer.

Rachel, who has a $20,000 scholarship says the University of Vermont, a private college, is her first choice.

When asked if Rachel's father is refusing to pay for college, he responded, "I reject that question on that, the whole premise. We have a college fund available, but it is the equivalent of shopping at a high end store and sending us the bill."

Rachel says she didn't run away but was given the option of dumping her boyfriend or getting out.

Both sides will be in court on Tuesday. Rachel wants the court not to emancipate her because under the law a parent has an obligation support their children if they can't stand on their own financially.

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