Teen runs 113 miles along Florida Keys with American flag

Photo courtesy of WISTV and the Murrin Family.

This Independence Day holiday was a memorable one for a 14-year-old South Carolina girl who ran 113 miles to bring attention to veterans. Breanna Murrin was inspired to run the 113 miles from Key Largo to Key West while carrying an American flag to honor the nation's veterans. Some say Murrin not only has perseverance but also physical stamina. There's not many people who can say they spent the days leading up to July 4th running down the southernmost tip of the United States. For Murrin, the idea began as an idea for a family trip. "We were like, why don't we just run through the Florida Keys and bring the flag to honor the veterans on the 4th of July," Murrin said. Over six days Breanna's run took her from Key Largo all the way to Key West. The teen broke up long run into manageable pieces, traveling around 20 miles per day. "We would wake up in the morning around 4:30, We'd drive to where we left off the day before and then we would keep on running," Murring said. The run was not one that Breanna would make alone. Her little sister Danielle and dad Chris were at her side every day. Her mother would drive ahead to make sure the roads were clear. Through it all the family encountered the gratitude of many strangers."When we were running there was this man who was running the opposite direction of us and he just stopped and he saluted us the entire way we were running. It was really touching," Murrin said. At the end of the run a crown had gathered to take pictures and cheer the family on. Looking back on the run, Murrin says her experience gave her pride in one thing: The people of her country. (Video Source: CNN)