Teen facing deportation to Mexico after pot brownie fundraiser

A teenage girl in California is now facing possible deportation after police say she tried to raise money for a prom dress by selling pot-laced brownies.Earlier this week Saira Munoz was convicted on a felony charge because she hired a minor to help sell the brownies. The now 19-year-old received four years probation and nine days in jail on drug charges. Police found out about the drugs after a customer got sick at school and had to be taken to a hospital in an ambulance for observation. Now it turns out she may be in this country illegally and could be deported. Immigration officials say they are reviewing the case and have yet to file deportation proceedings, FOX 40 in Sacramento reports.According to FOX 40, the terms of her probation are that if she's deported, she would not be allowed back in the country unless she gets legal status first. That's unlikely to happen if she's listed as a drug offender.
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