Teen boy lives undetected at Texas Walmart for two days

Authorities say a teenager lived undetected at a 24-hour Wal-Mart in Texas for a couple of days after running away from his aunt's home. Store employees in Corsicana, about 50 miles south of Dallas, eventually discovered the 14-year-old boy and two living quarters he had carved out behind boxes along the aisles of the store. Click here to see pictures from inside the store from MyFoxDFW.MyFoxDFW reports the teen also created a crack in the back wall of the drink aisle to grab juice and even collected a fish from the pet department. The boy went as far as to use diapers instead of the store restroom to avoid being detected, the station reports.Corsicana police in a statement Wednesday say the boy was visiting his aunt in Corsicana when he ran away July 28. He was found two days later at the store. Police say the teen, from nearby Rice, has a history of running away, tending to hide in abandoned homes and businesses.