Teen accidentally takes beer to school

A Texas mother says her son made an honest mistake while packing his school lunch bag.

Christi Seale says her 17 year old son, Chaz, accidentally confused a beer can for a soda and packed it in his lunch.

When he realized his mistake, Chaz gave the unopened beer to his teacher.

The teacher reported it to the principal who then suspended Chaz for 3 days and sent him to an alternative school for two months.

His mother doesn't believe the punishment fits the crime. Seale says, ""I think it's not black and white. There has to be a gray area. You can't punish a kid for doing the right thing. The same punishment that you would give a kid that you catch doing the wrong thing."

The Livingston, Texas, school district issued a statement following the incident saying the principal followed the appropriate procedures and protocols.

Seale is currently appealing the decision and hopes to get her son's punishment reduced.

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