Teachers begin preparing classrooms for new standards

Across Oklahoma classrooms, new standards are on the way. As teachers throw out old plans, there are question about what teachers should get ready for in the coming days.State superintendent Janet Barresi says at least a portion is up to your local district."The real curriculum that is how they are taught, is determined by the teacher in their classroom or by the school," Barresi said.Barresi says the state standards will transition off common core starting this year and teach the PASS standards, but parents need to check in to know what their kids will be taught."I urge parents to really talk to their teachers about how it's going to be taught, take a look at their textbooks, take a look at their materials," Barresi said.Teachers say they're frustrated. While some are happy at new standards, having three sets of classroom standards over four years is taking its toll. For some new teachers, they were only taught Common Core, and now have to start from the beginning to learn new standards, with only weeks before school begins."We don't want to change standards every year, every two years, it's too costly, and the time that teachers take to put their lessons together and too costly for our state to continuously pay for revisions, pay for new tests, pay for new textbooks," said Alicia Priest, vice president of the Oklahoma Education Association.Priest says teachers are a good starting point for parents who want to know what to expect in the coming year.She says as the process continues, the state should look to teachers for what should be expected inside the classroom."Whatever time that it takes, take that time, and ask the professionals that are in the classroom what their opinion is and they think," Priest said.
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