Teacher brews up controversy with beer assignment

A Colorado mom is upset after her child came home with an assignment to learn about the beer brewing process and even included extra credit for touring a brewery.

As Adrienne Maerz was making dinner last night, she learned her daughter was learning how to make beer. The assignment was to teach student about fermentation by getting familiar with the steps of brewing beer. But that wasn't all. Her daughter was eligible for extra credit if she went to the Coors brewery in Golden, Colorado.

Maerz called it "a how-to guide on how to make your own alcohol."

The assignment came with a disclaimer that it didn't promote the use of alcohol but for her family, it's a sensitive subject.

"Both sides of our family have really struggled with alcoholism," Maerz said. "Unfortunately, my kids have had to see some of those struggles and I just don't think it's fair to put students in a position that they have to do work in school that may be triggering or upsetting to them."

The school district released a statement saying the teaching of fermentation is a Colorado standard taught in biology classes. However, the district said the lesson plan is up to the teachers and they will review the assignment.

Maerz' daughter and several others in the class were given another option for an alternate assignment: learning how to make diesel ethanol. But Maerz says the fermentation lesson should be cut.

"I think that, until it's reviewed it should be stopped immediately, and then, in the future, decide what to do with it."