State considering requiring homebuilder registration

Oklahoma could be the next state to require homebuilder registration. Representative Mark McBride is leading an interim study into the idea. It's something that the city of Moore is really pushing for.It's been a rough road for some in Moore since the tornado. City Manager Steve Eddy says bad contractors and builder disagreements have left many in a lurch, or even worse, without homes."It's very demoralizing for people and it's just really sad," said Eddy.After the tornado the demand for contractors was through the roof. Some did the work, and Eddy says some took the money and ran."I had a woman in my office very recently just crying, very upset," Eddy said."After the Moore tornado I wish more people would have contacted the Moore, south side homebuilders, to find a good builder," said Rep. McBride.Mark McBride is not only a State Representative, but also a homebuilder. He says because of all the trouble Moore homeowners have had, he's exploring the idea of requiring Oklahoma Builders to register with the state. In the event of problems, the state would know who to contact and who to hold responsible. Registration for homebuilders could be similar to the Roofer Registration Act McBride authored. The act passed this year and requires roofing contractors to register before engaging or offering to engage in a contract. Roofers must also be in good standing with the state otherwise they face fines or even a misdemeanor. Builders may also have to get general liability insurance, take continuing education classes, be a homeowners association member and display registration information on all work site and marketing materials.McBride says right now he's working on getting all the necessary players to the table so they can discuss this further. He admits there are many pros and cons to registration for builders. Some builders are resistant to additional regulatory burdens. Some builders worry about registration costs or the tracking of continuing education. McBride says rural builders may be opposed to registration because they operate on a very small scale.McBride hopes to have his study complete by the end of the year.To read more about the Roofing Contractor Registration Act click here.