Take Shelter Oklahoma petition launches

A petition drive to seek a statewide vote on providing storm shelters in Oklahoma public schools officially launched Wednesday at the state capitol.

The petition drive, Take Shelter Oklahoma, calls for a vote on a program by which shelters would be paid for via a $500 million bond issue. The bond issue would be funded through the state's existing franchise tax.

State Rep. Joe Dorman (D), who is on the steering committee for the petition, was joined at the launch by several who survived May's tornado outbreak and the mother of one of the children who died at Plaza Towers Elementary.

Dorman said the issue is necessary because numerous school districts have limited bonding capacity and already must make difficult choices with the resources they have.

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With the official launch, the petition will be circulated throughout the state. Supporters will be colleting signatures at several locations, including the Oklahoma State Fair and Friday night high school football games.

The petition must earn 160,000 registered Oklahoma voter signatures in 90 days. If the petition is successful, Gov. Fallin must set a date to place the issue on a statewide ballot.

More information on the petition drive can be found here.