Take Shelter Oklahoma fights for shelters in all Oklahoma schools

The fight to make sure every school in Oklahoma has a storm shelter continues as we begin a new school year. Take Shelter Oklahoma says it's not a matter of 'if' but 'when' another tornado hits and a school does not have the proper protection in place.15 months ago, an EF5 devastated Plaza Towers Elementary and Briarwood Elementary schools. In Plaza Towers, the cost was seven lives."The majority of schools, 61 percent in Oklahoma, do not have shelters for children," Attorney David Slane said "We can do better we must do better this school here today has a tornado shelter that seven children paid for with their lives."Now, the school is serving as a telling backdrop for Take Shelter Oklahoma who is pleading for the public's help. This is where members of the group say seven children lost their lives because the school did not have a storm shelter. The school has one now but it came at a cost.Mikki Davis lost her son, Kyle, in the May 20th tornado."He paid the ultimate price," Mikki said. "The reason why these kids are safe is because seven paid the ultimate price if the tornado hadn't had happened then school would still be here unsafe but it did happen and we know what can happen ."The school has one now but they would like to see storm shelters at every single school in our state. Lawmakers failed to get it done this spring but they aren't giving up hope. They need 160,000 signatures by sept 25th to put this initiative on the ballot. Take Shelter Oklahoma says the storm shelters would be paid for by a $500 million dollar proposal that would be re-paid over a 25 year period by a general fund set up by the State of Oklahoma. Learn more about Take Shelter Oklahoma by clicking here.
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