Suspect smashes cop car windows as Superman, Darth Vader watch

It was a typical day on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: Superman and Darth Vader were both on the streets, looking for someone to take their picture.

When suddenly, KTLA photographer Victor Vargas saw a 'fan' expressing his affection for the Los Angeles Police Department.

"The next thing I know I hear a smash. And I look back and it's a guy smashing the windows of the cop car I'm standing next to," Vargas said.

So he backed away a bit and then turned his camera to the scene while calling 911. He captured the crime in progress as the man crossed over to 'The Dark Side' as Darth Vader watched on.

Superman says he saw it all but didn't step in because it's "not his job to jump in the middle".

After the man broke out several windows, he grabbed a laptop computer and casually walked over to a kiosk to see what he swiped. That's when he spotted the camera.

Vargas says he was nervous at first, but then the police showed up and arrested the man.

Finally, Superman stepped in. To watch the arrest.