Stunning video as DUI chase ends in crash

The driver of this vehicle smashed into a cement barricade as he tried to make a last second move to avoid being pulled over for drunk driving.

Law enforcement in Wisconsin have released stunning dashcam video of a high-speed chase that came to an abrupt and violent halt.

The Tuesday morning chase lasted three minutes and 15 seconds. It was fast and furious until the fleeing man's last-second decision nearly cost him his life.

Deputies tried to pull over Kevin Hutchins for drunk driving when they spotted him driving the wrong way. He's already been convicted of driving while intoxicated twice and when they tried to pull him over Tuesday, he hit the gas.

He led them on a chase through a construction zone and eventually got on the interstate. The chase moved back and forth between the highway and the city with speeds hitting 109 MPH.

As a second and third squad car joined in the chase, the man had little regard for his own safety or others around him.

When he tried to make a last-second lane change, he crashed into a cement barricade, ending the chase.

The deputy and the man were both injured in the crash but are expected to recover.