Study shows Oklahoma schools not safest place for kids during disaster

Representative Joe Dorman was shocked to find out more than 500,000 students, teachers and faculty are not protected from Oklahoma's severe weather.

The study done by Bar None Consulting showed more than 1,100 schools across the Sooner State have no type of refuge area of any kind. According to the study nearly half of the schools that do offer safe areas do not meet FEMA requirements.
Consultants from the survey say it would cost anywhere from 740 to 880-million dollars to get safe rooms in all Oklahoma schools.

"Many of these schools are tapped out on local funding. They cannot afford it so I feel if we're going to require these students be in schools, we're going to require teachers to do their jobs as employees that are paid through the state the state's responsible for funding these shelters," said Rep. Joe Dorman.

Dorman said he and many other volunteers are collecting signatures for a bond to help cover funding of the shelters. They need nearly 160-thousand signatures in the next 90 days. So far they have around 2,000.

Dorman said there will be a storm shelter study done by the legislature at the end of October.