Studio apartment's surprise bonus room? A dungeon

A secret 'dungeon' was discovered in a studio apartment in England recently.

A little more than two weeks to Halloween, a Reddit user in the U.K. is showing off a newly discovered dingy old "dungeon" in his new studio apartment.

The user posted the images to and then put his story to Reddit. From there, it quickly went viral.

While he describes the space as being beautifully laid out with plenty of room and high ceilings, he speculates about what it was used for. He wrote about a brickwork platform that could be a "bed or a crypt".

He says he's a little scared living above the dungeon by himself and the exact use of the 'dungeon' is unknown. Though redditors believe it may be an old boiler room.

Click here to see all the pictures of his so-called 'dungeon'.

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