Students react to Sports Illustrated Report

Rumors fly around the OSU campus after sports illustrated accused the football team of misconduct during the Les Miles and Mike Gundy eras.

"I've heard it's a lot of former players who were kicked off the team," said OSU freshman, Logan Wright.
"Umm didn't they smoke weed or something," added Shelby Milleson, also a freshman.

The magazine alleges players were paid under the table by football staff and boosters.

"You don't want it to happen at any school. Especially the one you're going to," said first year student, Arianna Clavon.
"That is wrong. They shouldn't be getting paid for that. Since they're already getting a free ride here they shouldn't be paid for that," added Shelby.
"You gotta do what you gotta do to get recruits," said freshman, Carson Brown.

Some students are surprised by the allegations.

"It's a shocker to me. I wouldn't think allegations like that would be brought up against us honestly," said student Brendan Ennis.

Others refuse to believe what they hear.

"I don't think they're true," said Logan.

Some students think action needs to be taken against the university.

"To make sure it doesn't happen again," said Shelby.

While some say this type of scandal happens everywhere.

"Even if it is true it's something a lot of universities do these days. it's not really our fault. We were just victims of the system," said Carson.

They think more investigating needs to be done.

"To try and clear our name a little bit," said Tawni Dagenias.

"They need to actually get some valid sources and go deeper not just get one person's opinion who is interviewing a bunch of former players," Carson added.

But all students agree on one thing despite the allegations they are sticking by their team.

"I will always be a Poks fan regardless," said Shelby.