Metro college student kicked out of school for being gay

A senior at Southwestern Christian University in Bethany says a letter was sent to her home telling her she is no longer welcome at the university due to her same-sex relationship. Christian Minard tells FOX 25 the letter is a setback to her career and the life she was planning with her partner."For both of us it was just the next step to take in our relationship and we wanted to share it with our families and friends and not have it hidden anymore," Minard said. On March 17th, Minard and Kadyn Parks took the plunge and got married in New Mexico, a state where same-sex marriages are legal."It was an really incredible moment for us," Minard said. But the joy didn't last long.Minard received a letter in the mail from Southerwestern Christian University saying she was expelled just one semester shy of graduating."It was just a letter to my mom's house, don't come back to our school," Minard said. In the letter the Vice President of Student Life Brad Davis says the school was informed that Minard was recently married to someone of the same sex and that he saw a few pictures on Facebook. The same-sex relationship is against the college's views as an International Pentecostal Holiness Denominational University. "I have been on the President's Honor Roll and I've been on the Dean's Honor Roll," Minard said. Two and half a years ago Minard signed a lifestyle covenant which clearly bans homosexuality.The student handbook also says attendance at the university is a privilege, not a right and that the privilege can be withdrawn. "There's a lot of things outlined in there that aren't upheld every single day, and I mean the number one thing on that list is discrimination," Minard said.The ACLU is now working with Minard to see if anything can be done to rectify the situation.