Street crews battle pothole problem after winter storm

Sweep, pour, and smooth, it's the daily routine for street crews across the metro. Crews with the City of Oklahoma City respond to 30 work orders on an average day, but as snow melts on the side of the road-- their work load doubles, sometimes triples.

"When we get these snow storms or heavy rain, we get anywhere from over 50 to over 100 work orders," said Ronella Richardson, an operations manager of City of Oklahoma City Streets Department.

Not easy to get around when there are cracks, bumps, and potholes on city streets. But city crews are asking motorists to be patient and extra careful.

"We're working as fast as we can," said Richardson, "we just need you all to give us a 100 feet of distance."

"We are anticipating as temperatures continue to increase, additional potholes will probably be coming," said Mills Gotcher, an ODOT spokesperson.

As city crews patch up streets, ODOT crews also have their work cut out.

"Our crews will be maintaining and filling the potholes on the interstates and highways," said Gotcher.

ODOT CREWS advise motorist to be wary if they pull over, since potholes typically appear on the shoulder of the interstate, and as street crews move to their next location they hope all drivers give them space to do their job.

"Drive slow if you see one of our vehicles," said Richardson.

If you need to report a pothole in Oklahoma City, you can call the pothole hotline 405-631-1111. If you see one on the interstate, call ODOT at 405-231-4368.