Stillwater neighborhood sees 5th challenge to zoning dispute

A map of the rezoning proposal. (City of Stillwater image)

In Stillwater's Lakeview Ridge neighborhood, the creep of development is already knocking at its doorstep.
Next door, the land is zoned industrial, but a developer wants to build apartments on this land. A request to the planning commission and city council to re-zone for the apartments has been denied twice.
"It's a David and Goliath kind of fight," said homeowner Bridget Miller.
Homeowners say they bought their homes here knowing that the land next door wasn't for apartments. They knew something could go here, but were promised what would go in would fit with single family homes.
"I did expect that when it would be developed, it would not be anything that towered over my home, that it would be something that compared and complimented my home," said homeowner Kristin Holdeman.
Homeowners also say this is where a required retention pond would go---the edge holding water in, peeking over nearby homes. If the wall fails, they fear massive flooding.
"We're asking for nothing," said Brian Frehner. "We're asking for the city council to stop rezoning land in the city of Stillwater and disrupting residents lives."
The developer told the city the land use is no longer viable zoned as "industrial". They told city leaders this development is the only logical next step in the development of the city.
Homeowners here say it's a warning for anyone with open land nearby.
"They better pay attention. It's us today, but tomorrow it may be them," Frehner said.
The owner of the land sued the city over the rezoning fight, but later settled out of court.
The item is slated for the next planning commission meeting.