Stem cell transplant for multiple sclerosis

Pamela Gooch is the first person in the world with progressing relapsing multiple sclerosis to receive a stem cell transplant.Her new lease on life began on June 2, 2014."If there was a way to fight it I was going to do it," says Gooch.To really understand her story you have to go back to 2012.She was involved in a car accident and made an appointment with an optometrist just a few days later."He looked at my eyes and said there is a real problem here," says Gooch.He told her she needed to get an MRI as soon as possible.That's when she got the news that would change things forever."He just said it flat out, you have multiple sclerosis," says Gooch.A neurologist later discovered she was suffering from progressing relapsing multiple sclerosis.A rare form of the disease that makes everyday activities exhausting."I just thought I guess this is my new reality and I thought I am going to have to learn how to deal with it," says Gooch.But Gooch says a phone call from her aunt who had had a stem cell transplant for cancer made her think about things in a different way."She told me there was a clinical trial that was going on and it was just all at the right time," says Gooch.And before she knew it she was packing her bags to head to Chicago for the experimental procedure. Her insurance was on board to pay the $125,000 fee but backed out during her stay.But Gooch says you can't stop what's meant to be."So what the stem cell transplant did it resets the immune system so that your not attacking yourself anymore," says Gooch.Saturday night was the first time in her own bed and she says she's already experiencing a new better reality."The fatigue just lifted off of me, it was a feeling I didn't even recognize anymore, I had energy," says Gooch.Click here to learn more.