State park defacer filed personal injury lawsuit prior to incident

(KUTV) -- Oneof the men infamously nicknamed the "goblin toppler," is forced toanswer even more questions Saturday.

You might remember the uproar created last week when video surfaced of threemen, Glenn Taylor, his son Dylan and Dave Hall, pushing over a goblin sandstonerock formation in Goblin Valley State Park last Friday.

Taylor, the man who is seen actually shoving the rock to the ground, had fileda personal injury lawsuit against a woman and her father for injuries he sayshe suffered in a 2009 car crash. Taylor filed the lawsuit at thebeginning of September saying that after that accident he injured his back andhad to "endure great pain and suffering, disability, impairment, loss ofjoy of life." Taylor also says in the lawsuit that the accident was"debilitating."

Alan Macdonald says he was surprised when he saw the lawsuit come across hisdesk. He says his daughter rear-ended several cars during that accident,Taylor, he says, was one of them. Macdonald says no one went to thehospital after the crash.

He says after watching the video that has taken off across the Internet, hethinks Taylor doesn't look debilitated at all, "he's climbing over otherrocks," says Macdonald, after watching the tape, "then he lines up,gets leverage and pushes that big old rock several times before he finallypushes it over," Macdonald continues, "then he turns and twists andhigh fives and yucks it up and flexes his muscles he just doesn't look like aterribly disabled person to me."

Taylor's attorney Mark Stubbs says just because his client is beginning torecover from his injured back doesn't mean he hasn't suffered from pain in thepast, and he says Taylor's medical bills in the wake of the accident couldcontinue for years. He does admit however that the tape may not play wellif the case was to go before a jury trial, but adds it is only one piece of alarger case.