State medical examiner positively identifies two bodies found in Foss Lake

Last September, two cars were pulled out of Foss Lake in Custer County. Inside the cars were six bodies and officials at the time said they believed they knew who they were. On Friday, the medical examiner released autopsy results and identified two of the victims.The two vehicles pulled from the lake were a 1969 Chevy Camaro and a 1950's Chevy sedan. According to the report, there were three victims in each car.In the sedan, the medical examiner say they were able to identify one of the three victims. The ME said Cleburn Hammack, 42, was the lone victim in the car they were able to identify. According to the ME report, they recovered 51% of Hammack's remains as well as a wallet, sock, and shoe. Hammack was last seen with two other people: Nora Duncan and John Porter. In a news report in 1969, the Chevy had engine problems the day the disappeared. The ME said one of the unidentified remains in the Chevy was a man and they had 68% of his remains. They found a leather wallet with initials J.A.P., part of a belt, a metal buckle, socks, soles of cowboy boots, remains of a green and blue plaid shirt. This is the body believed to be John Porter, the ME says.The remaining body was female whose body was 58% complete. The remains were found with a purse, a 7-Up bottle, a flask-style glass bottle, an inhaler, a Listerine bottle, bottle opener, a coin purse with $0.25 in it, glasses, a brown wallet, makeup compact, and several other personal effects. This is believed to be the body of Nora Duncan, according to the ME.In the Camaro, the ME said it was able to positively identify 16-year-old Jimmy Williams. The ME said it had recovered 68% of Williams' remains. Investigators say they recovered cowboy boots, a belt, belt buckle, a 1972 Syre High Eagles ring, and a watch. They also they found a wallet with an Oklahoma Drivers' License, bank card, and Arkansas fishing license.

The ME report states Williams was last seen driving his Camaro to an Elk City football game in November 1970. He was riding with two people: Thomas Rios and Leah Johnson.

Related: See more photographs from the scene at Lake Foss. One of the two unidentified bodies in the Camaro was a female whose remains were 72% complete. She was found with a pair of purple pants, remains of two shoes, a gold watch, and a pink pen. This body is believed to be Leah Johnson.The other body was 82% complete and is believed to be a man. He was found with a gray knit collared shirt, blue slacks, dark colored lace-up shoes, and dark socks. These remains are believed to be Thomas Rios.In all six deaths, the ME has ruled them to be accidental and they are believed to have died from drowning, though the ME says that is the likely cause of death and not certain.
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