St. Louis looks to ban 'saggy' pants

Council members in St. Louis are pushing to end a droopy trend that some say is an attack on freedom.

Alderman Marlene Davis proposed legislation that will essentially ban citizens from sagging their pants. The specific wording of the law bans the wearing of "pants below the waist which exposes the skin or undergarments" in public.

Davis said in an interview, "We should have respect for our citizens. It's not fair for us to have to look at that." She also adds the fashion statement is also a health concern citing back and spinal issues.

The legislation would add sagging pants to the existing laws on public indecency or lewd acts. Violators would have to pay fines between $100 and $50, or face up to 90 days in jail.

Similar bans exist in cities across America, but if the legislation passes in St. Louis City Council, it would be the largest city to enact such bans. Civil rights groups say the proposed ban is a violation of citizens' right to free speech and target a specific race.