Spencer offers no comment on calls for city's manager's termination

Spencer's city council met Thursday night to discuss calls from a police union to have it's city manager removed. The item on the regular city council agenda was discussed during executive session behind closed doors. Mayor Ernest Ware would not offer comment about what happened or about the calls from the Fraternal Order of Police.The FOP Lodge 153 voted no confidence in Spencer City Manager Nicole Mukes on May 2nd, citing alleged cases misconduct, safety issues and intimidation of officers.In an open letter this week, the lodge said the city was ignoring the problem."Approximately 3500 citizens of Spencer have entrusted their elected officials to do the right thing on their behalf. This is not what is occurring," lodge vice president Matthew Cline wrote in the letter. "Since the letter was given to the city 2 weeks ago, the city has seen a rise in burglaries. This can be attributed, in part, to the loss of 3 officers due to what can only be called intimidation. The Spencer Police Department has gone from a 7 man agency to a 3 man agency in the matter of weeks."Mayor Ware said the city is in negotiations with the FOP.Mukes has offered no comment.
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